Check Your State of Mind

Have you ever woken up for work late, because you slept through your alarm clock or hit the snooze button so often that your cell phone decided to give up and back to sleep itself? Quickly, when you finally do wake up and realize that you weren't actually watching Empire and have a job to get to you're rushed, pressed for time and frustrated that everyone on the road to work is out to get you and keep you from getting to work on time. What's worst, more times than not, your whole day seems to be affected by it. You no longer possess that extra patience to fake a smile or nod, you can't help but think of a new job or career and lunch can't come soon enough. But what if that didn't have to be your state of mind. 

Many have said and a few studies out there support this theory the human mind is able to influence its environment. We have the ability to envision what our heart desires. With a clear and sound state of mind we can attract positivity, a favorable path, of course with the help of certain variables such as work ethics. But your state of mind can play a huge influence to the success of you day, week, event, interview to list a few. Jumping back to the scenario from the beginning paragraph, now what if this time around you woke up half hour earlier. That could make all the difference in the world. For starters, you are able to pray or meditate, clear your head and envision what it is you both want and will take from the day ahead. Your spirit is in control of your environment and not the other way around. Who knows, you might not even need a lunch break because from 9 to 5 you'll be in the zone. 

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