New Dashiki Phone Cases are here!!!

It is no know secret that dashiki's have taken the fashion world by storm. With the rise of African/Black pride, dashikis have flooded our social media outlets as well as our closest and it has been a beautiful phenomenon to witness these past years.

Riding the wave of culture pride with a solid fashion statement, Phonefit Collections has now come out with the first dashiki phone cases to hit the masses. These phone cases not only embrace cultural pride and fashion trend but they also protect your phone!!!!

Don't be the one to have to wait for their friends to get their case before you decide to get yours. We only have a few made and a good amount of pre orders have already been made. Believe us when we say we are going to sale out due to limited supplies and a growing demand.

We want to continue to spread this movement and now offer cases to match your beautiful dashikis. And for those rare days where you would dare to leave the dashiki in your closest, wear that phone case and be bold letting the world know that you are proud of your heritage and there will be no apologies given. Go to to get yours before they sell out.

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  • April

    I love your phone cases! Are the pre-order ones (purple) for the iPhone 6S too? I want to make sure it fits before purchasing. Thanks!

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